Some of you (or none of you, I don’t know) may be wondering, why a blog and why now? Especially since I’m a regular poster on the Book of Faces and do not shy from discussing Simon on my page. Well, let me tell you why….

My plan is to try and keep this blog relatively chronological, but I’m going to interject a recent story to explain why I’m blogging about this now. I’ll go into more detail about this incident at a later date, but the short story of it is this:

Recently, in a Freedom From Religion/Heathen Facebook group I have been a member of for nearly 2 years (I am unapologetically atheist; if that offends you, then feel free to unfollow me), a conversation was had in which a member was questioning/judging the motivations of a friend of hers for placing her autistic son in a specific, religious school. I tried to explain why an autism mom would make such a decision, and after a few exchanges, I was told my opinion was worthless (I was so pissed I was shaking) and I was  told “fuck you” by the member in question. That day, amid an outpouring of support from friends on the board, I wrote out a detailed version of what life with Simon is like and the things I have to worry about on a daily basis (I posted it and then took it down because I knew the OP wouldn’t really give a shit). It was cathartic, but it also sent me into a depression spiral that was pretty damn ugly. I can deal with the daily challenges, but seeing the big picture laid out like that was rough.

It was then that I realized that a lot of people outside of the autism community don’t know what day-to-day life with an autistic child is like, especially a nonverbal one. And I also realized that writing about Simon will help me cope better. And so here we are. The More You Know, and shit.


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