The morning of Monday, August 25, the movers showed up and began loading our belongings into the truck. I will spare you the blow-by-blow details of our trip, save for a few points of interest.

We left Oceanside, CA, on August 25 and arrived in Bothell, WA on Friday, August 29. On our way, we were fortunate enough to be able to stop off and visit my friend E in San Jose. She has two boys around Eleanor and Simon’s ages and it was lovely to be able to spend time with them. We spent a couple of hours at their house one evening and while Eleanor was busy playing with her new friends, Simon gravitated to the water table outside. He loved that thing!

We also learned that Simon cannot watch movies in the car without getting car sick. Important lesson there. Ick.

While the kids seemed to acclimate to travel and hotel living fairly quickly, the sleeping arrangements took some time to figure out. We had originally planned for Eleanor to bunk with Adam in one bed while Simon slept with me in the other and George would be in the Pack-N-Play. After a couple of nights, we realized that George wouldn’t sleep in the Pack-N-Play and Simon had a hard time settling down with me, so it ended up with Adam and the Bigs in one bed and me with George in the other. Adam really took one for the team there.

Another helpful hint should you ever be traveling along I-5 in California. Just outside of Coalinga, there is a small travel-stop area with a gas station and some fast food restaurants. Do not stop there. I repeat, DO NOT stop there. There’s a major cow farm just up the road and the whole area is infested with flies. We ended up with several dozen in the car and it took days to get them all out. It was gross.

Once we got up to Bothell, we found a hotel and settled down to wait for the moving van. The dispatcher for the local agent of the  moving company, North American, had called us en route to let us know the truck would be arriving on Sunday or Monday (Aug 31st or September 1st), which was several days early, and that the driver would call 24-hours in advance to make sure we were there. We were thrilled since it meant we would only be in a hotel for an extra couple of days. Unfortunately, that turned out to not be the case and no one from the moving company bothered to call and tell us. They eventually showed up with almost all of our stuff on September 3rd. They seemed to have lost the legs to our dining table along with the seed tray for the parrot cage, a suitcase full of towels, and Simon’s toy basketball hoop. After an extremely long saga, we got the table legs back on September 12th and the seed tray and suitcase on September 21st. We never did get Simon’s basketball hoop back. It was ridiculous.

Still, we had survived the journey, the area was beautiful, and we were together. That’s the important thing.


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