I’m sorry, I feel as though I’ve been neglecting you, dear friends. Things are just very chaotic right now. Adam started a new job recently which allows him to work from home (a wonderful thing), but there’s been a definite learning curve while we all adjust to this new dynamic and while he goes through his training and orientation. Additionally, both Simon and George are sleeping like absolute shit lately with the end result that we are all perpetually exhausted. When I get this tired, my depression and anxiety skyrocket and, well… things in my head kind of suck right now. I’m also in the thick of it with trying to find a day program for Simon and iron out insurance changes and benefits and doctors appointments and dentist appointments and school for Eleanor and…. *sigh* Plus, with Adam working from home, we’ve come to the realization that this small, 2-bedroom apartment just isn’t working for us anymore and we need more space, so we’re looking for a new rental.

So, for now, I thought I would share a couple of articles for you to read. It’s like homework, but not really. Both thought-provoking pieces; do with them what you will.

The first article (They Don’t Want An Autism Cure) is about the Neurodiversity movement. Basically, rather than trying to “cure” or “correct” autism and autistic behaviors, they want society to accept and appreciate the unique differences and insights that the autistic mind has to offer.

The second article (My Daughter Is A Gift – Her Autism Is Not) is a beautifully written response piece by a mom I know through a local, on-line Autism Moms group (shared with her permission).

Where do we stand? Well, Simon is only 2, so it’s very early days yet for us. However, we’ve said all along that we don’t mind the “quirky” stuff that he does (lining stuff up, his fascination with Pixar movies and movie credit, his latest obsession with the Weather Channel, his books, etc), but we do need him to be able to communicate better and it would be damn nice if he would stop chewing everything to pieces. So, yeah, while he is infinitely special and wonderful and full of gifts that I wouldn’t change for the world, there are some parts of his autism that need to be treated. To be corrected. And I say this as he is currently having a meltdown and banging his head on the floor because I won’t put his favorite movie on.

So, on that note, I will leave it here for now. Read the articles and discuss amongst yourselves.



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