As I’ve mentioned before, Simon is what I consider to be ‘functionally nonverbal’. He’ll come out with random words or phrases, sometimes a complete sentence, that will be completely in context, but then you’ll never hear it from him again. Even his use of ‘Ah-ma’ (“mama”) is only done with prompting; i.e, “Simon, who am I?” “Ah-ma”. He has never, ever had a spoken word that he has used consistently, audibly, correctly, and to multiple people.

Until now.

A week ago today, Simon began using the word ‘up’! He will use it when he wants to be picked up, when he wants to sit in a lap for snuggles, when wants to see what snacks are in the cabinet, etc. He is still very quiet with it, but he is getting louder. He not only says it to Adam and I, but also said it to his teachers in class yesterday.

And, also yesterday, he managed to get himself into a little bit of a predicament (stuck behind the TV table) and was able to request rescue from Daddy. “Up! Up! Up!”

So, at the ripe old age of 32 months, he finally has his first word!!!

In other Simon related news, after his panic attack after class last week and the fact that he started hyperventilating while walking to his classroom on Tuesday, we decided to try a reduced dose of his Atarax before class yesterday. Instead of his normal 5ml dose that he gets at bedtime, I gave him 1.5ml. It. Was. Amazing! He cried for less than 2 minutes upon going into the classroom. After that, he was fine. He even came out of his normal cubby and was exploring the room and playing on the swing. I nearly cried with happiness. He did get a little whiney and tired the last 20 mins or so, but I will take that over 30-45 mins of screaming any day.

May was an incredibly busy month for us. Not counting Memorial Day, we had something going on every single weekday. Doctor appointments, evaluations, therapies, writing workshops, etc. George was assessed with a Global Developmental Delay and will be starting OT and Infant Ed next week. I took Simon back to Seattle Children’s Autism Center to talk about his separation anxiety and sleep problems and we are being referred to a Communication and Behavior Specialist. Eleanor graduates from preschool next week. I’m exhausted.

So there we have it! Lots of really exciting progress around here!


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