Simon is picky with his food. Not as bad as some kids I know, but he’s definitely not a laid-back-easy-goin’ kinda fella. Protein is a real challenge for him. Chicken nuggets are usually a safe bet. Peanut butter sandwiches from time to time. Eggs are a no-go. He used to eat beans but won’t anymore.

And then there’s hamburger.

He’ll eat spaghetti or other tomato-based dishes with ground beef in them without much issue. We don’t have those often, though, because he’s sensitive to tomato and it causes a bad diaper rash. He’ll eat meatloaf (also causes a rash), but not tacos. He won’t eat hamburgers or a hamburger patty. There’s some distinction that I just can’t see, but obviously is important to him.

One thing he will usually eat is Hamburger Helper, the beef stroganoff kind. It’s actually one of the few things that all three kids will eat without complaint. I can’t stand the stuff, so I usually make it for the kids when Adam and I are having something I know they won’t eat, like steak or Indian food.

Simon always gets excited when I serve it, but (and it’s a big but), he will not eat the hamburger meat. He will eat the noodles and ask for more, but pushes the meat off to the side. George is the same way; he’ll pick at the ground beef, but won’t eat much of it. Eleanor eat everything, but there’s always some meat left on her plate, too.

Tonight, I was late getting dinner started because Eleanor had swim class. I had put something in the crock pot for the adults, intending to make Helper for the kids. However, I had forgotten to get some ground beef out of the freezer.

So what, I thought. The boys don’t eat the beef anyway, so let’s just make it without it tonight. It’s noodles and sauce. I thought this was going to work great and even made extra noodles.

He. Wouldn’t. Touch. It.

No way, no how.

He went and got the box off the counter and kept pointing at the picture, which, of course, shows it with hamburger. We offered him some noodles and he quite plainly told us: “I don’t want to try it.” We explained it’s the same thing he always gets, just without the meat, and he just wasn’t buying it. He had a banana for dinner.

The boy who picks all the hamburger out of his Hamburger Helper will only eat Hamburger Helper if it’s made with hamburger.




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