Ah, George. My youngest son. My baby. My Georgie Bear.

I’ve written before about Georgie’s delays. He was assessed with a Global Developmental Delay last year by our Early Intervention service, and we began the process of having him evaluated for Autism.

His first evaluation in August was inconclusive. He showed a lot of really great strengths (great eye contact, social skills, etc), but also some deficits, so he was referred for ADOS testing. We had his first evaluation in January and his second just a couple of weeks ago.

Today I got to go and get the results.

No one is quite sure what to make of our Georgie. Again, he presents with a lot of strengths, but there’s also a number of skills he should have that he doesn’t.

None of us, family, friends, his therapists, believe that Bear is autistic.

There are services available that George would greatly benefit from, but can only be accessed with an ASD diagnosis.

And, with that in mind, and given his borderline presentation, our George officially received an ASD diagnosis today.

And so there were two.


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