I dread April 2nd. It’s World Autism Awareness Day and April is Autism Awareness Month. Facebook and Twitter are full of people waving the flag for autism. And that’s awesome. Really. For those of you out there who are tweeting and posting in favor of Autism Awareness, thank you for your support. I mean that sincerely.


Awareness is not acceptance. Awareness is not inclusion. Awareness is just…. being aware.

Be aware of the falling rocks! Be aware of the quicksand up ahead! Be aware of the autistic people! Be aware, y’all!

Be aware.

What about World Autism Acceptance Day? What about World Autism Education Day?

That is a cause I would (and do) fight for every day. Acceptance. Education. Inclusion.

Instead, we have awareness.

Am I quibbling over semantics? Quite possibly, but it irks me.

My boys and my family don’t need more awareness. We need more money. We need more services and shorter wait lists. We need more help and a damn babysitter.

We need acceptance.

Be aware of Simon! Be aware of George! They’re autistic and awesome and they need your acceptance.


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