I love buying things for my kids. Like, really, REALLY love it. And right now is an especially fun time, because not only is Christmas coming (we celebrate secular Christmas), but we also have George’s birthday in early January. Lots of opportunities to give gifts to my kiddos, right?

Not so much.

Eleanor is not a problem. I can find tons of things to get for my girl who loves dolls and geology and space and reading and, well, LIFE. I’ve already gotten her so much for Christmas that I am going to have to keep some of it back and save it for her birthday in May. And, oh, she is going to be so butt-hurt when she doesn’t get the giant Elsa doll!

The boys, however, are a different story. I never know what to get them for Christmas or birthdays.

The train table and car ramp last year was a big hit, but I am thoroughly stumped by what to get them this year. I’d love to get them a sensory swing, but we live in a rental house, so hanging things from the ceiling joists would probably be frowned upon. We already have a trampoline.

And that brings up another point: the guilt that I feel in always thinking about sensory or therapy gifts for them, instead of just toys.

Which then leads to the guilt that they don’t even understand Christmas and will probably find it pretty overwhelming (at least Simon will), so why I am stressing so much over this?

Because I’m a mom, that’s why. That’s what I do. I stress.

And I still have no idea what to get them for Christmas.


(Side note: I’ve finally started my author web page at allisonwaltersluther.com. You should go check it out.)


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