Fun With Apraxia

I had originally planned to title this posting something completely different, but was afraid that search engines might lead some unsavory individuals to this blog. You’ll see what I mean in a moment. For now, we’ll just call this ‘Fun With Apraxia’.

With his apraxia, as I’ve mentioned, it’s sometimes very difficult to understand what Simon is saying. He’s very deliberate with his speech, but he just can’t get the words to come out properly.

For example, over the summer, he was walking around saying, “I want trainsick. I want trainsick.” It was very obviously ‘trainsick’ and he would get really frustrated and cry when we didn’t give him ‘trainsick’. It wasn’t until weeks later when he grabbed my hand, pulled me over to the snack cabinet, said “I want trainsick”, and pointed at a box of… Triscuits. Trainsick = Triscuit. Alrighty then. Gotcha. Have a Triscuit, my son.

Fast forward to shortly after the school year started. Eleanor brought home one of those Scholastic book order forms. Remember those? I loved those as a kid!

Anyway, Simon was sitting on my desk looking through the catalog and started pointing at random things and saying…

Okay, folks bear with me here…

I’m still laughing about this…

“Play titties.”

He was very excited about the ‘play titties’. He kept repeating it over and over again as I rolled on the floor howling with laughter. Finally, he moved on to other things and I began to breathe again.

This continued to happen periodically, but not always with Scholastic book orders. He’d be reading something and would suddenly burst out with “play titties”. We never could figure it out. I even asked George’s speech therapist if she had any ideas and she was baffled, too.

Until a week or so ago. He was, once again, looking at a Scholastic order form and started pointing at something. “Play titties! Play titties!” I looked at what he was pointing at and something finally clicked for me. I grabbed a notebook and wrote a word. I showed it to him and he beamed. “Titty!”



Activity = titty.

Play titties = play activities

I cracked the code. I figured it out. I spent the next couple of days charging around the house, screaming “play titties!” at random times.

It has become my new battle cry.




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