No, really, it is. February sucks, at least around here. Especially this year.

There are 20 weekdays this month.

The boys only go to school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. So, that brings us to 16 possible school days.

There is a three-day weekend where they have a Friday off. Down to 15 days of school.

(It also bears mentioning that they had Monday, January 30th, off, too. So there were only 3 school days the week that February began.)

There is a full week off for mid-winter break. Down to 11 days of school.

Then, to make matters oh-so-much-better, we just had two snow days earlier this week. Down to nine days of school.

Just nine days of school for the boys this month, barring any further illness or weather related closures. (By the way, I’m still counting the day last week where I had to pick them up early because George was sick.)

Nine days of school for Simon who is so routine driven that this is throwing him into a tailspin.

Nine days of school in this month that simply will not end.




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